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Hello, My name is Debra "Daisy" Beuckens and I have been in the Home Building and Interior Decorating and Design business all of my life. My father was a home builder and my mother was in the real estate field so I guess it was only natural to me. I studied at the Sheffield School of Interior Design and have been working in the business since 1998. With a passion for nature and all of the colors and textures in the world, it is truly exciting to me to work on projects that bring balance to the spaces that we live in. Beauty and energy that comforts the soul when at home, is very important to everyday life. The windows of your home are an important element in conveying a style or mood or to simply enhance the design of any room. 

My background in the home‚Äč design business started in flooring sales and then cabinetry, luxury design, furnishings, window treatments and working full time for a home builder. I recently finished my Construction Management course from Stratford Career Institute.


I enjoy using my creative ability and expertise to design the entire home, a room, or one element at a time with products from companies that I trust. I utilize several sources and companies that I have worked with for years. With that I can accommodate any price range and style to achieve the desired look for your home or business in a professional and timely manner with trusted installers, manufacturers and work rooms.

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